About Me

My name is Tyler Wayne Hanna and I love helping SMBs and enterprise companies with their digital marketing.


Why choose me for your digital marketing

10+ years of exp.

I've been doing digital marketing since 2012


All my marketing efforts tie back to revenue

Breadth of exp.

I've worked in many digital marketing roles


I love working with and helping people

My digital
marketing services

Here are a few of the digital marketing services I’m exceptionally good at and can help you with.


Digital marketing

From websites, to social media, to email campaigns, to copywriting. If it's digital, I can help with it.


Search engine optimization

If you are trying to generate more awareness, leads, or revenue from Google, I can certainly help.


Digital analytics

Understand how users are interacting with your website and generate a higher ROI from your marketing campaigns.


Conversion rate optimization

Already generating leads and revenue? I can help pinpoint areas in your funnel that need improvement.

A little more about me and what I do

I know that you want to have a thriving and successful business. To do that, you need to execute marketing strategies and frameworks that work well in today’s digital landscape.

The problem is you don’t know always know how to put together a marketing strategy that will help you win in the online marketplace. And trying to do so can make you feel unequipped at times or even like you’re spinning your wheels.

I believe that using marketing frameworks and strategies should grow your business. I understand what it’s like to not know the first step in crafting a cohesive marketing strategy.

In fact, that is exactly why I’ve spent 10+ years helping businesses with marketing strategies that generate more leads online and grow their brands.

Here’s how I do it:

  1. Book a Strategy Session so we get aligned around your business vision and marketing goals
  2. I’ll develop a proposal that will achieve your business vision and marketing goals
  3. We make your marketing more effective by working together to execute the strategy

Book a Strategy Session with me today so we can achieve your marketing goals together.