My Values

  1. Communication

    I always say, “You can’t communicate too much with me.” And the key to an effective relationship is effective communication. Let’s start here.

  2. Consideration

    Emotions are powerful motivators. Oftentimes in business, we disregard a person’s emotions for the sake of efficiency. I promise not to do that.

  3. Competence

    I love being skilled at my craft and watching others excel at the things that they’re good at. I appreciate skill, craft, and competence. It’s an important aspect of business.

  4. Commitment

    Every person wants to know, “Will you be there for me when I mess up?” It’s easy to be there for people during the times of success. I promise to also be there during the times of hardship.

  5. Completeness

    Nobody likes immaturity. And that’s what this value is about. Synonyms for completeness would be “wholeness” or “maturity”. Let’s be adults about all this.