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A consultant is only as good as his process. That’s why I’ve laid out my consulting process for you to see. You can expect to go through these six phases during an engagement with me. The first three parts are research-heavy and formulaic where I learn as much as I can about your situation and propose different strategies for success.




Every engagement should begin with a discovery phase if both client and consultant want the engagement to succeed. In this phase, I learn as much as I can about you and your unique business situation.




Information, if not sifted through and made sense of, is useless. That is why analysis is so important. In this phase, I take the information that I gathered from the Discovery phase and thoroughly examine it.




The point of an engagement is to provide a unique perspective that lends itself to new and successful marketing strategies. This is what the Strategy phase is for. In this phase, I distill all of the relevant information I’ve gathered on your business and formulate new strategies for success.



The final three parts of the engagement process are execution, controlling, and reporting-focused. Here I work with you to bring the proposed strategies to life in your business, measuring success and making iterate changes to the plan, and report on what went well and what didn’t. I then provide a final report of the things that worked well for your business and areas of improvement and recommendations to you at the end of the engagement.




Executing on the strategy is just as important as formulating the strategy. I can either coach you through this phase or take a hands-on approach to implementation. Whatever your needs dictate, I can do. In this phase, we execute on the proposed strategy that we selected in part 3.



Evaluate and Control

In my experience working with entrepreneurs and small business owners, this is the part of management where most fail. In order to say if a strategy was successful or not, it needs to be evaluated. This is determined by specific criteria, timelines, and responsibility-holders. In this phase, I measure the actual performance of the plan versus the expected performance of the plan and make recommendations for adjustment.




The final part of the engagement is where I tie everything together from this process into a report. I present this report to you and any stakeholders and provide a PDF document for you and any final recommendations. In this phase, we conclude our engagement and report on the wins and learning opportunities for your business.


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