5 Essential Skills for Content Marketing Copywriters Today

Blogging remains a modern business essential. At least 65% of businesses have blogs, and that number is growing.

While everyone has a blog, not everyone is a blogger. Enter the copywriter. An average of 44% of content creation is outsourced.

Are you looking for copywriting work?

Writing is as much a practice as it is an art. There are ways to improve the quality of your writing. Here are five necessary skills for content marketing copywriters to perfect.

1. Interest

If you're going to write interesting copy, you have to be an interested person. Be curious. Find the story behind the things other people take for granted.

Develop a sense of wonder. Ask questions, and question the answers. If you think something sounds boring, keep pushing until you find the angle that intrigues you.

There's no topic that isn't worth learning more about.

2. Research

Don't expect someone to provide you with talking points. A strong copywriter résumé features research savvy.

Use the internet to start your search, but take it further. Use periodicals and reference materials to strengthen your ideas. Find three corroborating citations for specifics and statistics.

Hone your research strategy by keeping a list of reputable sources. If you specialize in a field of writing, make note of authoritative sites and publications.

3. Singularity

Because internet content creation is becoming a saturated market, offering a fresh perspective is a desirable copywriting skill.

What sets your article apart from the rest? Don't restate all the rehashed bullet points. Assimilate the information, and write something original.

Your topic might not be new, but your take on it can be. Evolve your own style and cadence, and approach every article as something worth writing.

People get bored when they don't understand what you're talking about. If you can funnel the big picture into something specific and concise, you can retain reader interest.

4. Empathy

Emotions sell products. Tap into the emotions of your reader--humor, nostalgia, even fear--and your copy will be more effective.

Be empathetic to the reader experience, the way it feels to read the article. Who is the customer? Personalize your writing style to suit the customer's vibe.

Be genuine, even though you're a marketing copywriter. Set out to help people. It's easy to see through a blatant sales pitch.

5. Technique

In your haste to create output, don't forget the technical aspects of writing.

Grammatical errors and typos are distracting. An awkward insertion of keywords can take the reader out of the story. Don't sacrifice readability for SEO.

If you don't naturally have a large vocabulary, pull out your SAT flashcards and start studying. Keep a handful of transitions in your arsenal.

Vary your sentence structure, and avoid aimless repetition. Use a thesaurus when you get stuck on a word.

Content Marketing Copywriters Can Sharpen Their Skills

Copywriting skills are like any other skills. They can be practiced and perfected. Research, empathy, and technique work in tandem with natural ability.

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